About Huang Pai

Our story

Huangpai B.V. is a modern architecture and decoration company that integrates design, construction, international trade, and whole-house customisation. Headquartered in Rotterdam, with more than 60 employees from six countries, we have projects for both interior and commercial in all over the country’s major towns.

With eight years of industry expertise, we have long occupied a place in the Dutch-Chinese construction and renovation market. We are dedicated to utilising our professional expertise and experience to give our clients with satisfied design solutions, optimal engineering solutions, and on-the-ground implementation to turn their demands into reality.

Building Reputation.

Huangpai has been growing and innovating all the way since 2015. In the early days of our founding, we were a small business with only a few employees and limited resources, but we strive to provide exceptional architectural and decorative services by upholding the pursuit of quality and a customer-first philosophy.

Through unremitting efforts, we gradually gained the trust and reputation of our customers. As time goes by, we have gradually expanded our scale and introduced more talents and technologies to improve efficiency and quality. We have also established long-term and stable relationships with our suppliers.

Embracing sustainability and technology

With the growing importance of sustainable practices in the field of architecture and design, Huangpai has taken a proactive approach. We set an example of eco-friendly design by utilizing environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions in our projects.

Furthermore, Huangpai embraces technology changes by creating comprehensive visuals for our clients utilizing computer-aided design software and 3D modeling tools. This enables us to better explain our ideas and give a more immersive design experience to our clients.

We are certain that with our ongoing efforts and pursuit of perfection, we will remain one of the industry’s leaders in providing attractive and pleasant places for our clients.

Looking forward.

Today, we have established ourselves as a reputable and important architectural practice, cultivating fresh talent by increasing our staff of experienced craftsmen and designers and cultivating a corporate culture of innovation and professionalism.

And we won’t stop there; we’re committed to delivering even better service and innovative solutions to our clients in the future. We will continue to invest in technology and expertise, seek new partners, and grow our operations into the worldwide market.


Huangpai aspires to be the industry's leading construction and decorating company. Provide customers with the best quality services and products to improve their quality of life.


Provide customers with personalized design solutions and quality services to meet their various needs and expectations. Focusing on quality and safety, we continue to innovate and introduce new design concepts and technologies to provide better quality services and products.


+ Craftsmanship

+ Win-win strategy

+ Striving for excellence

+ Principle of customer priority

+ High professionalism and high standards